Welcome To The World Of Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball tells the adventures of the Z fighters. The Saiyan Son Goku also known as kakarot sets out on countless journies to find seven mystical orbs (relics) called the dragon balls. On one journey he found a young woman in the woods named Bulma. At first, Bulma almost killed him, but he was prepared for battle. After a couple of years, he met an earthling named Krillin. Krillin and Goku became friends and after all the Z fighters met each other a few years later another saiyan named Raditz came to earth on a search for kakarot. Raditz is Goku's brother. Let's get you caught up on the past few years. Goku married a woman named Chichi and they had one kid named after Goku's grandpa Gohan. Gohan is about four years of age when Raditz arrives. Raditz says for goku to carry out the mission he was given. Goku claims to know nothing of a mission he was given. Raditz explains that Goku was to kill every living thing on earth. Goku still doesn't remember. Raditz then asks Goku if he injured his head as a baby. Goku didn't know, but master roshi remembers. Raditz and Goku had argued all day and then finally Raditz kidnapped Gohan.

these are the Z fighters